Thursday, September 29, 2011

quick comp study with soft brush photoshop

WIP of oil painting with zorn palette (hopefully will have time to come back and finish it off)

live model about 1 hour pose

monochromatic painting

hey hey another update from past week.  more construction of torso / head and neck and one of the pics was supposed to be a complete drawing but still am not understanding the material too well seems like i am just following the contour line. As already known, the construction is supposed to help us complete the drawing, its supposed to be an under drawing that helps us figure out whats going so we can complete a drawing of a figure (which is what i tried to do somewhat in the live session) just takes me a very long time to figure out stuff and what is really going on.  (all in due time!!) draw moaarrrrrrrrrr.... and more color studies needs to be done with the application of the paint.  having real hard time forming the portrait and showing the change in planes and making smooth transitions.  i realize that i just stick to a few colors and i even don't mix near then enough.  i will have to work on that.  Also the second oil painting done in burnt umber and titanium white is going to be continued on this week by doing a glaze over it to get the colors that we see... so we will see how that goes (will be giving that attempt today actually)

thanks for stopping by.  i did make another attempt this week at Zorn pallete and my color was a lot more off then the attempt i made on this; which i will update at the end of this week or some time next week.  i have no idea what was going on but i could not get the right colors at all and i found out its bc i was literally taking the "limited" pallete to theory and really really limiting myself when there are tons of colors going on in a portrait part of the problem is i have a very difficult time just seeing the colors that are coming from the light source and adding to the face.  more studies of color theorrryyy!!!! and  i need to practice mixing colors exercises. oh and comp studies.... so much to do!  take care until next time!

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