Saturday, September 17, 2011

hey hey its been pretty busy but  here is an update one some studies and work  have been doing at TAD.  head painting in there is still the pick out technique.  my first attempt at doing color with the "zorn" pallete will be attempted tomorrow.  The Zorn pallete is named after Anders Zorn and is predominantly used for portraits bc the pallete includes just the basic earthy colors;  which are: yellow ochre, cadmium red medium, ivory black, and white.  i am still struggling hardcore just making those transition with the oil paints to show where light and form is hitting.  also threw in the head and neck studies that i am still doing.  all the figures are taken from reference photos except for the last one (which was done from life).  i also did some compositional studies as my value transitions need alotttt of work; as well the use of the use of my wacom (which i am still very new to and still trying to learn to use :/)  all in due time, all in due time.  i have to say though all these figure construction inside the body is really helping me out.  We are now focused on the front side of the torso and actually looking at the muscles on the inside.  so from chest down just to the pelvis.  

anyways thanks for stopping by as always; im trying to update a least once a week but its so much more busy this semester.This update includes the last 2 weeks of studies that i have been working on inside and outside of TAD.  

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