Wednesday, March 13, 2013

i am the swarm...

and alas school started up again in january.  doing the same things and again attempting some designs.

so here is some recent stuff last month actually.

villain / antagonist

protagonist / hero


then here are the refined thumbnails of ones that worked well.

the villain

the hero

i definitely still need to work on my digital painting skills and learn how material actually looks and works.


Final black and white villain and hero design attempts

and these were my final attempts to get a final looking presentable character design.  im struggling pretty ahrd with getting a "finish" look so still trying to figure that out.  

 Here is some perspective work i am doing.  i am taking a class at cgma with derek kosol to help me with it (

here i am learning to transfer planes and figures

we begin working on 1 point perspective thumbs ... goal is to basically design 1 point perspective scene of our desire.  

final design for my 1 point perspective assignment

2 point perspective boxes

auxiliary vanishing point which helps with slopes

2 point perspective thumbs

final design for my 2 point perspective assignment.

derek is having us stay in line art for now so we really understand it and draw through the forms which is exactly what i need to do.  its starting to make sense im finally understanding how to use reference correctly. i know its weird to say but i felt as if i was just a slave to the photo and not working it into my own.  but im starting to slowly understand...


and here are some studies that i did during the month.  

just working on some perspective stuff trying to see shapes and create an interesting scene

value studies from photos.  

trying to get an understanding of hard surfaces just reviewing some notes.  looking at the value scale.  

and lots more exercises .  bought some copic markers along with pitt pens and using them to continue my exercises traditionally.  

starting to throw in some painting exercises as i need to improve in that as well.  but im feeling alot more positive and better about everything.  so much too learn just have to keep at it and draw alot more.  remember to keep on doing those exercises and keep on adding more and something will happen.  

and as always thank you for stopping by to taking a look.  please feel free to leave some comments and critique as i am always looking to improve.  

take care, salaam,


ps.i totally just finished playing the campaign of starcraft 2 heart of the swarm... that alone is inspiration enough because that is the level of artwork i want to be at.  

lets do this. some work during January

so i picked my weakest point and began from there.  i cant draw straight lines, cubes,  or boxes.  my perspective is so awful its silly.  so over the break i began drawing a lot in pen. i needed to make my drawings much more confident and doing it pen is the best way.  so i worked traditionally.

these papers all over my room.

what you see here is exercises for basically getting better draftmanship and confidence in ones linework.  an example is drawing a straight line and drawing over it again 7 more times on the of the first line that you marked down and keeping it straight as possible.  ellipse excercises and cubes.  also some anatomical studies done from michael hamptons book (  if anyone here is familiar with peter han i am following his exercises that he shows in his dynamic sketching class.  i also picked up a design sketching book( and drew cubes like crazy over the break... just repetition over and over and over again.  this was done during the month of january.  ( this is really boring exercises and not really fun stuff to look at, but its definitely helping me figure lot of things out.  )

attempted drawing on the wacom tablet some of the cubes  found it easier to measure the angles to make sure it was acute enough for it to be cube... note that its aLot easier to draw traditionally.  

 some darksiders 2 art... so wanted to just paint for fun from this concept artist.  © to the original artist and Darksiders 2 .  

trying some lineart in photoshop

painting from the same photo.  

gesture studies from michael hamptons book

yu chenhong © to the respectful artist.  tryign to study mech armor guy and i love his designs.. hes an amazing artist. 

quick line art

and then trying to paint it.   © to respectful cosplayer and the original photos.  i find cosplayers are really fun reference to use to study from.  

Shaddy Safadi put up an awesome tutorial on his youtube channel and i was trying to follow it one evening.  this is far as i got.  the video is found here (  

and another study.  really need to work on my shapes and mark making.  i just wanna go in there and start doing details.

january was the start of this new approach.  with the idea of just drawing really honestly whatever.. i need to draw more, a lot more.  

© to the respectful owners of the original images / art.