Sunday, September 4, 2011

Birthday week woot woot and i have to say best birthday evarr

lol at the composition layout :/
first attempt

second attempt
3rd attempt.... id try more but my fruits have basically completely changed color now lol

the next figures are all from one pose but me moving around.... this week we had 9 hour pose so i chose to focus on the figure from different views and really try to see whats going on the inside.

then i really wanted to emphasize and push my limit and focus on what we were studying this week in TAD in our figure construction class (the head and neck)

same pose but one part focused on the head and the whole figure.

same pose as previous but on the other side of her.

this was 5 - value study for cast class that helps us look at things simpler.. remember move from simple to complicate... simple to complicate..... i still forget that i bet you will as well.... simple tooooo complicateee

hey hey guys this past week was my birthday and like anyone else on their birthday, i always come up with new resolution; but my  resolution was the same as it was in december when i moved to AUstin to join TAD in december 2010; i had decided that i want to learn how to be an artist and my resolution is still the same as to i want to get better as an artist / and it is the most important thing in my life right now; so i felt that i should keep it the same..

lot of painting this week was done on a still life.  struggled  with color and composition and the gradation of the shadows.  mainly my eyes are just not used to being able to see color and translating what my eyes are seeing onto a canvas (and my color theory is crap).  its very very difficult concept for me to begin to understand and i really need to practice doing this.  i had 3 attempts on one of them because it went back and forth between me and my instructors for that class (mainly giving me feedback on what i should do and trying best to help me out)  had a tonn of help on that painting this past week from lot of students in the POD as well.  and i posted all 3 bc it really changed lot and i learned alot just from this one painting.  just have to do the milegae, thats all there is to it; the more that will be done; each time will bet better as your muscle gets used to doing it; which is y i chose to upload those 3 of the same images bc i felt each time i took their feedback and tried my best to put it into the still life. remember that these paintings are done with oils on thin canvas board (which was a surprise when i told my instructor that, bc he was like this is oil?; i definitely am doing something wrong with the oil paints!!)

also that figure construction is definitely helping me out and has definitely allowed me to look at figure drawing a completely different way.  i really just dont follow the contours any more like i did the first semester... i am searching for what it is going on in the inside and this is really helping my figure drawing a whole lot ( remembering the names of the muscles / bones is a different story).  i cant wait to learn more for this semester bc right now we are attacking it a body part at a time; right now we learned about the neck and head these past 2 weeks.  i really tried to see the rhythms of the face (Riley rhythmatic lines) which would usually act as an under drawing.  this technique would usually be used to help solve a drawing if you are having issues and want to figure out a way to solve it so the drawing comes together and the figure doesn't look wonky( remember this is just another way of attacking the figure when u are having issues; just like in first semester we learned to use shape and value to attack the figure; this semester we are learning why those shapes and values are like that.)  definitely moving outside my comfort zone which is very hard to do; but its definitely good for you bc it will only help you.  

also the last image is from our cast drawing class and Jon Hardesty (freaking love that guy he is an awesome teacher and always happy!!!)  he is teaching us to limit the values we see to 5: to make things simple... simple; think simple... thats how everything starts if it is simple it will make sense at the end.  so those were the values i picked based on an image he gave us and this one was one of the more successful ones that he really liked and we both felt i understood the assignment.  now to get this right during my cast!!! (which by the way im doing a skull thanks to my fellow TAD student Denton)

have to say was pretty happy birthday because this is what i like to call level up for me and has allowed me to get one step closer to my dream....

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