Tuesday, August 30, 2011

TAD has started up again and its been a month and a half since i last updated!

fellow class mate Neimeister shows me the importance of simplicity with boxes and cylinders on the right.

attempt to apply the simple forms of boxes to the pose

hey hey.  finally started painting this semester.  of course still continuing on with figure drawing during our sessions here at the studio.  but now with the constructive figure class; i will slowly begin to understand the figure and why those contour lines exist.  it will be a fun semester.  here you see my first still life painting(http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-4tvNV8eq7cI/Tl1FE75IIqI/AAAAAAAAATI/nnzmwGRGdyw/s320/first+still+life+painting+aug+22+2011.jpg) and my first head painting (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-F5eWv1wT7Ck/Tl1FGua35cI/AAAAAAAAATQ/otqDoCfawUQ/s320/sameer_khan_pickout1.jpg)  of the semester.  paintings will be done with oils.  the head painting is a technique used with burnt umber and paint thinner (turp or something similar that basically clean the paint).  the idea is to draw/paint like u normally would on a couched oily surface.( couching the surface with oil will allow the paint to move around very easily.  then using paint thinner u come back and start to "pick out" which will take away the paint.  so u can see we don't really worry about color; but just with value at this point.  and if you are very new to painting and color ( like me) then this is awesome way to ease your way into painting.  we are basically taking small steps in the head painting class and will eventually move into colors.  this same technique can be used as an under painting.  so you can do a "black and white" study of the painting where you just figure out value.  once that is done you can come over it with the colors and just worry about getting the color right at that point.  always tackle things one at a time!  for the still life i am literally going to try and keep it simple and just try to form the object i am painting (and do an under painting first, )... will definitely need to spend time on color mixing and color theory. 

with the figure now i began to literally just turn "auto mode on" and just draw what i was seeing and just go with it.  i never really talked to myself much... which is a huge thing especially when it comes to trying to understand whats on the inside or why a shadow is forming like that.   we started doing pillow shape and torso studies in figure construct and that alone is helping me see how the body feels.  I always had issues with too long of a torso and could never figure it out why.  this "pillow" has looked at another approach of helping me solve that problem.  we also have studied rib cages and pelvis's and try to draw them in very very simple forms to see 3D and how they are in the space.  (either box form, sphere form, or polygonal form).  doing this will allow us to see why the body twists and turns like that in certain poses. the figures you see here don't resemble this thought process(the drawings just basically are just me just literally drawing what i am seeing and just doing "whatever".  and it seems the my drawings are never complete at the end of the pose bc of this way of thinking and some things look "wonky".  i feel as if i am attacking to many things at once i don't understand them nor do they  look very complete (and i am very very very far from ever completing a drawing, so right now the focus needs to be on understand whats going on and how it functions.  so for now I am going to focus on literally trying to understand what is going on inside the body and showing that in the drawing.

lot of things learned and an exciting new semester is ahead... 

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