Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Digital Work

well with all these studies.  one must be able to apply it to his own work no?  Here you will see 3 images i worked on for school and i actually consider them personal work as well because it was the assignment for the semester in one of my classes. id like to say i spent the whole semester on these but im still trying to figure out my schedule. but i can still say that this is one of my first works as a result of all the studies i have been doing for the past year and a half.  one thing i don't push enough and i need to is to remind myself why I'm doing all these studies.  if the studies i am doing are never applied then i will never be able become a successful artist.  so i will be definitely working on personal work more and posting them and it itself will be a whole other lesson that will need lot of practice.

                                                                 The Story of the Dullahan

These images were based on a story of a dulluhun who is a headless fairy in Irish folklore.  the idea actually came from a show i was watching and i wanted to do my images based on that idea.  the legend talks of her and her horse which are both very vital to the images and to the legend itself.  So in these images i wanted to portray that her head had gone missing and that she was searching for it.  In the first image she is ready to begin her search (which is when the legend began around the 1800s, the dress should have given away the time-period).  The third image shows that her head has still not been found: the horse has had to change its form and look, so it took the form of a motor bike (this image was to be portrayed during our time-period), and she wears a helmet so that they can fit into "society".  In the final image ( the second one) she has finally found her head and is ready to move on from this world.  

my favorite by far is the bike one because I am a fan of  motorbikes.  the bike was referenced but the figure was completely from imagination (minus the helmet, designs, and hand)  i chose to do it this way because one of my goals as an artist is to learn the figure so well that i can draw it from my imagination and be as accurate as possible.  of course my figure and my color still need lot of work.  I wasn't able to fit it into my allotted time because i spent way too much time working on values and not enough time with the color; but color is something i need to work on.  i haven't really figured out ways to add color in Photoshop/digitally  very well yet so I know that needs practicing.   and i will definitely be revisiting these pieces for i want to change some of the compositions and add a real nice touch of "color" to them as well as rework the figures.

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my previous posts consist of the studies i have done these past 7 months.   

Figure Work NSFW

Here is the work i did through out the semester in my figure class.  We did anatomical studies of the human figure but we also did a few: hands and feet, drapery, and as my instructor  Ron Lemen calls them "quick sketches" studies.

each image represents a weeks work so it goes week by week... can never do enough figure.  of course as time goes on one has less time so practice practice as much as you can now.  its part of the reason why i chose to repeat this semester again before i moved on.

basically each class began with a warm up.  then we would have lecture over certain material.  then we would have a few examples where we would draw along in class.  and of course there is homework.  so each image consists of all of these for the week and go in chronological order.

the subcutaneous points help in the initial gesture and placement of the figure.

head studies

back studies

Front studies

Front and back studies

arms and Legs Introduction

Hands and feet studies

drapery studies

Quick sketches

applying everything at once

so the class basically divided each week by the parts of the human body (some parts we spent more on because there was more information to be covered).  we began with initial gesture and placing the torso with the pillow shape and cylinder legs and arms with ellipses to help show perspective, then moved on to add muscles and rhythyms.  As time moved on, we had to include the information we had learned the week before.  This class basically covered  construction  of the figure and these studies help allow us to place the figure correctly and to even draw from our imagination if we wish to. 

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PS if you have any questions about any of the methods i have done here feel free to email me or comment on here.  Also, feedback is also always welcome as i am trying to get better.

Digital Studies

various counter change and value studies done from "the old masters"

Marshall Vandruff this semester introduced us to the concept of counter change and how it can be effective not only in value, but in color (with temperature, intensity, and complementing colors).  so in these previous images i am trying to apply his teachings to see if i can come up with my own color schemes based on the previous masters and their pieces that they had done in the past.  

Chris Appelhans extended color study

here i was trying to do straight color study of 2 Appelhans pieces.  was trying to practice my color theory and see how good my color really is.

Extended value study

Namie Amuro photo study

i have a huge crush on her so i wanted to do a study in my spare time.  i would like to come back and finish it as time allows me to.

Portait study

more counter change and value studies

Cast Studies

these were various studies i did through out the semester to help tone my skills not only digitally but with value and color as well with this medium.

thanks for looking!

Various Oil Paintings

these 3 paintings were 1 hour studies each of the same objects with different compositions

another 1 hour study with the cup being common in these next 2 pieces.

still life of toy truck 

monochromatic painting of cast from photo

                      monochromatic portrait study of Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen

 portrait paint over color version study of Daenerys Targaryen played by Emilia Clark

still life study of Diablo 3 collectors edition skull with the box it comes in

still life study of roses in a vase

more still life studies

monochromatic 3hour figure study from live session

Been a while

Well then i have been gone for a while.  lot of things have happened and i honestly got very lazy about updating my website.  so i have collected all my work that i did through out this semester.  basically what happened was i decided i was not ready to move on to the my major here at the The Art Department so i decided to repeat semester 2.  I did not retake all the classes but  i wanted to really focus on  few classes that i believe would help me in the long run.  this was definitely a hard choice because i am held back a semester, but being so new this i felt i needed another 6 months to really build up a strong as a foundation as i could.  please enjoy and take your time as your about to go through 6 months of all the work i have been doing this past semester.