Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Canada Vacation

well sadly all vacations must come to an end... i miss my family like crazy :/.  here is some sketches i did in my free time while i was there.  i really pushed to sketch from life as much as i could wherever i was, because i have been avoiding sketching from life ever since starting to draw( but the only way to get better is to work out of your comfort zone)  so this trip i focused on sketching from life and making a picture from the environment  i was in to the best of my ability.  I also begin using pen so that i think about the lines I'm about to make and make sure I'm certain of it b4 i make a decision (was advised by many people to do this when sketching).    So i am posting every sketch i did regardless of how it turned out.  i also was able to do some digital composition and value studies while we would watch movies or not much was going on.  lot of sketches came from the homes i stayed / visited.  Things are getting back to normal and my second semester at TAD is about to start up again in august so i am very excited for that.  for now i will take it easy and sketch and still continue doing value and comp studies.  some were from and some from Craig Thompson's "Carnet De Voyage" ( a book Francis lent me to borrow).  its a book of his travels while he was in Europe and he sketched everywhere he go.  this is something i wish to achieve as an artist.  i want to be able to record what i was doing and where i was visually and do it well. 

anyways thank you for stopping by do look forward to more work as the semester begins to start up again.

Monday, July 4, 2011

week before canada vaca!

well last week in studio before i head off to canada for 2 week vacation.  so i squeeszed as much as i could.  unforutnately only was able to do one life session this week where we did short gestures and went into back studies.  forgot to take pictures.  anyways i did quick master copy of jeff jones to switch from Fechin bc i still need tons of work on my sensitivity and i visited whihc i had not done in a very long time and did some sketches from there with gel pen.  

also was watching the David Finch Gnomon DVD and his approarch to drawing hands and studied that as much as i could.

the next 2 weeks ill be in canada so il def be taking my sb and be sketching as much as i can.  my cousin is getting married so congratulations to him and this vacation should be amazing bc i havent spent time with my family from canada in like 5 years and when i was down in May i was only here for a few days.

take care and look forward to see some sketches of my trip in canada.