Monday, May 30, 2011

Albert Bierstadt "Coming of the Storm"

here is a landscape study we have been doing in compostion class.

a very talented landscape artist Albert Bierstadt.  and i did my best to literally copy everything that he did.

this work was done digitally in CS5.  

sadly there is alot more left to do but ive done as much as i can for now and hopefully will be able to come back and work on it some more.

learned a ton from this study.. aerial perspective.  Foreground, middle ground, and back ground.  always work form big to small, especially when trying to find the correct values.  You work big then work out the detals later.  its amazing how much you learn from just trying to copy a "master".

last week of may 2011 figure update

antoher week of figure and nu pastel is very difficult to put faces in.  also my heads are missing the skull lol so i have to work on that as well.  for now my drawing skill has def improved but i need to work as i have said b4 on the aspects of picture making so i am able to create my own pieces.  tried something new with nu pastel where i use shape and line in the 5 min poses... then any longer i drag do a lil bit of line and alot more shape to show the planar changes (or try to anyways)... 

thnx for stopping by 2 more weeks until final review week and 1st semester of TAD is donee!  so technically 3 more weeks gogogog!.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

figuresss from 2nd to last week of may

hey hey another weeks of decent figures i am able post... somewat getting proportions and now trying to get the idea of making it really see those muscles and those changes in gradation of the light bc of the plane chagnes.. especially in our live sessions.  i need to work on composition stuff and somewhat color theory....  anyways thnx for stopping by .... i see improvement and im happy wiht that ... now i just need to take it to the next lvl... grind it out absorb it and move on move on.... gogogogog  (ps no more faceless figures... no body was made faceless neither should my figures!)

3 weeks left in the not freaking out i swear...

Saturday, May 21, 2011


another update on some figures i did last week.

i see progress.. i want to focus on getting figure down faster so i can have more time to look shape out 3D form of the body.  regardless thank you for stopping by.

line or shape?  sigh i cant tell its too early for now.... hopefull i figure it out soooon

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Week 16 and 17... falling behind :/

im a little behind on some things.  have to catch up about my school work for TAD... i didnt get much figure in or much work done in last week.. i got busy rest of the week... thnx for stoppying by tc.

im having picture making problems and struggling hugely with paint :/... grind grind grind and think think think

Sunday, May 1, 2011

week 15

another week... this is from 2 weeks ago... our composition class is doing landscape studies digitally in black and white and this was the best one i had done.  definitely very fun and very difficult to do... i totally referenced the image.  figures are improving i am trying a somewhat of a new approach that somehwat combines academic and circle for porportions approach.  see how that goes.  

anyways thanks for stopping by as usual.

will post week 16s by tuesday or wed.