Monday, June 27, 2011

uzu kogileen and Fechin

a fellow friend posted this guys awesome sketchbook and i fell in love with the way he uses his pen to explain what he sees.  i want to be able to sketch like this guy does one day.  he is a korean artist i believe Kim Jung Gi ( i hope thats how his name is spelt and the right artist) check out his sketchbook its totally amazing and u will be blown away just as i was.

and of course good old Fechin.  i remember trying these 6 months ago and yea id say there is a little difference.. everythign just takes time and dedication.  loving it

value and comp studies from the past week

so here is the comp and value studies that i do.. i basically limit myself to 20 min and try to see the shapes and values... im keeping it very very simple.  this exercise should help me with my composition and when im creating my own pieces help me place things where i want them to see how to bring objects forward or backwards.  all the work is done digitally bc i love the wacommm.  and studies were done with photos i have taken  / kept in grey scale to help me just see in value for now. 

Portrait Week

this past week we had 3 3 hour portaits with 3 different models...

all 3 of them done from live session @ 25 min intervals for 3 hours

one of them turned out to be one of our very own resident artist here @ the studio... i thought that probably turned out my best... maybe bc i see him everyday?  /shrug.... regardless this is a step forward for me as im starting to get likeness more.  

TAD is on "break" from the summer which means no classes, though there is ton of things i want to cover.  ill be doing lot of value and comp studies, fechin master copys and maybe some jeff jones as well.  lets see how it goes.  also have some drawing books i want to look at.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

9 hour pose from live model

started going into long poses these past couple of weeks.  i was only able to do with one of them and here is what i ended up with.  

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

 an attempt with water color... not much of a success but u have to start somwhere no?  lets do thisssss

try one and then went over it again... i ended up making it even more extreme LOL... 

learned lessons are i need to wait for it to dry and use hair dryer... and use less water.... and yea  need tons of color theory .... 

gotta learn somehow right?

thnx for stopping by

Comp and Value Studies

here are some comp / value studies im doing digitally to help me with my value and compositions.  this i plan to do on my own and will get them in as much as i can.  i limit myself to 20 min and just figure out shapes and values.  some ill do digitally and some ill do traditionally with graphite and charcoal

figures for for first week of june

some figures from last days of may and first week of june.