Friday, August 31, 2012

good times....

this summer i was finally able to catch up in the assassins creed games so i decided to do a character study digitally since i am a huge fan of the character designs in that game.    

this made me realize that i really don't like drawing on my wacom tablet.  i love painting on it, i just cant stand doing line work.  

so i decided that this is how i will do my work.  

with these it kind of helped break down the way i work.  id like to get the line work down traditionally with pencil, then bring it into Photoshop to do a value and color study.  

i was honestly very happy with the way the second one turned out.  it showed lot of improvement and also places where i still need to definitely work on. ( arms and hands :/.)  but with this i now have a process i can follow.  

and finally a little fun vector i did. Not many people know this, but while i was studying engineering i loved the way vectors looked so i decided to learn how to do that. i did a quick silhouette of a character from Naruto... saw this image that i had saved and wanted to vector it in black and white for old times sake.  the original was done in color.  

i definitely had a good break.  summer is now over and now i am finally in my first semester of 2d entertainment here at TAD.  we just had our first week of classes so had to make sure to update all the work i did during the summer before i got really busy.  but one thing for sure is i would like to keep doing this for its the reason why i want to become an artist.  this is work for myself and it will definitely help me continue to improve .  It will help keep me on my toes as I search for answers and solve problems.  Probably the best advice that i can give to someone who is pursuing a career like this: is to always make sure that you are creating artwork for yourself because it will constantly remind you as to why you are doing this.  its something i didn't do much of because i kept telling myself i was not ready for it.  but remember, you have to start somewhere...

with all that...

 i hope to keep my blog updated at least once a week.  and in my spare time i plan to do more traditional, digital, and vector work of characters i come up with.

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PS i haven't come up with names for those 2 characters... i am really bad with names...  maybe by the time i do the digital work id have come up with names and some background story.  oh and ill prob do a full figure the next time :).

Major Portrait Studies

and so here the studies i did of the human head.  focusing on placement of 
eyes, nose, and mouth.   

the pictures are in chronological order going from the top to the bottom.  i also did a digital one that i spent about 3-4 hours on.  i realize i should have done much more of these studies but i lose interest way to fast and move on to the next piece of reference too quickly.  Have a long way to go but this is definitely starting to get me somewhere and i want to do studies like this more often.  

my main focus has always been to be really good draftsmanship in pencil / graphite and digital.  its why i began pursuing a career as an artist. (needed to remind myself of that this summer)  Which is why i pushed graphite this summer.  I wish I had spent more time doing digital values and color studies.  i definitely need to work on line weight still and stop second guessing myself.  the thing with my graphite is i just want to get the line work down then i can come in digitally and put some tone down and began painting with shape; just as Artgerm does with this work.  (Artgerm is one my major influences and his real name is Stanley Lau, definitely go check out his work)   and the main reason as to why i want to draw with pencil is because i like having traditional work.  eventually id like to work all digitally but for now this is the way i wish to go in my career.

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Summer Studies Continued

Began by watching a gnomon dvd by david finch where focuses on the head.  

basically was drawing from memory and just showing the way he does his portraits / head when he does his work

since i was watching his dvd on the human head.   i decided to also take a look at his hands and feet dvd since i really want to be able to draw those really well.  

i was happier with the way my hands turned out but not so much the feet.  definitely will have to make sure that i keep on studying these 2 features of the human body.

Summer studies!

one of the main focuses for the summer was being able to draw the head and the features of a person.  so i did lot of portrait studies in graphite.

here are the warm ups to get into my routine for the summer

and here is a continuous line drawings (need to do more of these)

wanted to do some environment matte painting studies.
so I...
began watching gnomon dvd of matte painting by Christian Lorenz Scheurer.  
these are the exercises he had us do based of stock photos.  would love to practice this more... but i really wanted to focus on the creating a sort of style when drawing the face portrait .  especially since i want to be able to be able to create characters.

just trying out new things.  always gotta broaden up; the more you know the better.  its all just practice.