Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Digital Studies

various counter change and value studies done from "the old masters"

Marshall Vandruff this semester introduced us to the concept of counter change and how it can be effective not only in value, but in color (with temperature, intensity, and complementing colors).  so in these previous images i am trying to apply his teachings to see if i can come up with my own color schemes based on the previous masters and their pieces that they had done in the past.  

Chris Appelhans extended color study

here i was trying to do straight color study of 2 Appelhans pieces.  was trying to practice my color theory and see how good my color really is.

Extended value study

Namie Amuro photo study

i have a huge crush on her so i wanted to do a study in my spare time.  i would like to come back and finish it as time allows me to.

Portait study

more counter change and value studies

Cast Studies

these were various studies i did through out the semester to help tone my skills not only digitally but with value and color as well with this medium.

thanks for looking!

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