Friday, October 7, 2011

comp study done in photoshop still struggling hard core with the round brush

WIP of asaro head being done digitally and just in black and white

hey hey just a quick update on some work i have been doing this past week.  i started doing an asaro head study. trying to get into digital as much as i can.  sadly i didn't get like any oil painting done this last week.  will have to make it up this weekend.  about to get even more hectic because half the semester is already gone.  pretty insane how fast time has been going by / its already been 8-9 months since i have been at TAD (soon it will be one whole year!).  so this asaro head will probably will be complete for now until the end of the semester because i have to use any spare time i have to complete my cast and any other work i need to catch up with!   as usaual some more studies with the construction of the figure.  

anyways quick update as i needz to get back to the grindz... thank u as always for stopping by.


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