Friday, August 31, 2012

Major Portrait Studies

and so here the studies i did of the human head.  focusing on placement of 
eyes, nose, and mouth.   

the pictures are in chronological order going from the top to the bottom.  i also did a digital one that i spent about 3-4 hours on.  i realize i should have done much more of these studies but i lose interest way to fast and move on to the next piece of reference too quickly.  Have a long way to go but this is definitely starting to get me somewhere and i want to do studies like this more often.  

my main focus has always been to be really good draftsmanship in pencil / graphite and digital.  its why i began pursuing a career as an artist. (needed to remind myself of that this summer)  Which is why i pushed graphite this summer.  I wish I had spent more time doing digital values and color studies.  i definitely need to work on line weight still and stop second guessing myself.  the thing with my graphite is i just want to get the line work down then i can come in digitally and put some tone down and began painting with shape; just as Artgerm does with this work.  (Artgerm is one my major influences and his real name is Stanley Lau, definitely go check out his work)   and the main reason as to why i want to draw with pencil is because i like having traditional work.  eventually id like to work all digitally but for now this is the way i wish to go in my career.

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