Friday, August 31, 2012

good times....

this summer i was finally able to catch up in the assassins creed games so i decided to do a character study digitally since i am a huge fan of the character designs in that game.    

this made me realize that i really don't like drawing on my wacom tablet.  i love painting on it, i just cant stand doing line work.  

so i decided that this is how i will do my work.  

with these it kind of helped break down the way i work.  id like to get the line work down traditionally with pencil, then bring it into Photoshop to do a value and color study.  

i was honestly very happy with the way the second one turned out.  it showed lot of improvement and also places where i still need to definitely work on. ( arms and hands :/.)  but with this i now have a process i can follow.  

and finally a little fun vector i did. Not many people know this, but while i was studying engineering i loved the way vectors looked so i decided to learn how to do that. i did a quick silhouette of a character from Naruto... saw this image that i had saved and wanted to vector it in black and white for old times sake.  the original was done in color.  

i definitely had a good break.  summer is now over and now i am finally in my first semester of 2d entertainment here at TAD.  we just had our first week of classes so had to make sure to update all the work i did during the summer before i got really busy.  but one thing for sure is i would like to keep doing this for its the reason why i want to become an artist.  this is work for myself and it will definitely help me continue to improve .  It will help keep me on my toes as I search for answers and solve problems.  Probably the best advice that i can give to someone who is pursuing a career like this: is to always make sure that you are creating artwork for yourself because it will constantly remind you as to why you are doing this.  its something i didn't do much of because i kept telling myself i was not ready for it.  but remember, you have to start somewhere...

with all that...

 i hope to keep my blog updated at least once a week.  and in my spare time i plan to do more traditional, digital, and vector work of characters i come up with.

thanks as always for stopping by,



PS i haven't come up with names for those 2 characters... i am really bad with names...  maybe by the time i do the digital work id have come up with names and some background story.  oh and ill prob do a full figure the next time :).

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