Monday, September 2, 2013

Turned 26 yrs old yesterday :)

hey all today was very joyful day.   celebrated another year of my life :).  i am now 26 yrs old.

Recently i picked up the Legend of Korra Artbook and have been just doing studies from it all day (highly recommend this book to any fans and artists in general).  I stumbled upon a recent graduates work that was phenomenal and very beautiful .  Frederic Stewart has some amazing looking environment paintings through out the book.  im really attracted to his style and really would love to catch his style and bring it into my own work so ive devoted myself to  paint until my painting looks just like his.  by doing this i hope to learn how he makes some of the marks he does.  i honestly believe his color skill is very good so i wish to master copy his paintings.

LEFT is his work.  RIGHT side is my master copy of it.
© Frederic Stewart

always feels great when loved ones and friends remember your birthday.  it has been a very tough year as I have still much to learn and I need to be more patient.  I need to push myself more and really get past my fears of being scared of trying new things.  its been close to 3 years since i started this journey and hope for many more.  a series of these studies from the book will be coming up as i learn alot and understand the time and patience it takes to get a piece to look nice.  I start off in black and white to figure out the values so they read correctly; and then come in with color layer and then paint over it again to get the results you see on the right.

 critiques and comments are always welcome.



(as always please note this is not my own work i am using this as a basis to study and educational purposes only, if the original artist does not wish for me to display his work on my site please notify me and i will gladly remove)

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