Tuesday, April 2, 2013

more work more studies... keep them coming samik

so one thing i have noticed is i really am an impatient person... especially when it comes to the painting part.  it honestly frustrates me and puts me in such a bad mood.  so one thing i want to fix is spending more time  on a piece so i can make those beautiful marks.    so i really pushed the idea of doing character master copies from my favorite artists.

i also realized that i really want to do character art so i need to make time in my schedule to make sure im spending continuing to study in areas I am weak at in the figure.  A bad habit i picked up on is for some reason if i am not in the class i don't do studies; this is something i noticed last year and really wanted to fix this habit; if i want to do this i have to do this myself and figure out my weaknesses and be able to fix them myself. that being said...

here are some anatomy and figure studies I did during March.

this last one i made up poses from my head.  


and i did a few marker sketch studies because i have always been a fan of how comic artists do them.  so i did a few studies myself.

with these i do a quick gestural drawing with f 402 zebra pen then try to clean it up and then go over it with some warm and normal markers to get the form to read.

and i probably need to use something else other then copy printer paper.  ill have to find some nice paper to do these on that are not too expensive.

and lastly the digital studies. 

 i chose to upload some master copies i did of my favorite artists .  so i would like to make it  clear that in no way am i claiming their work as my own.  I just use their work to learn the marks and decisions they are making.  and hopefully one day apply it to my own work. ( if the original artist wishes for me to take these down then i will gladly do so)

and here is some studies and character sketches

the study of the asaro heads here showed me that i need to do much more longer studies.  it also really answered lot of my questions and i now realize that i am not able to spend lot of time on a study or a piece to develop it into a finished piece.

one thing i have noticed is i do a lot of quick studies.  the most i spend on a study or piece is 1.5 hour and this is because i tell myself this is how much time i will be spending on this piece.  that 6 hour study i did over Artgerms piece was not done in one sitting (it was done over the course of 2 days).  if i close Photoshop i consider it done and I'm ready to move onto a next piece.  this is a terrible habit that i have picked up on and definitely need to work on fixing that.  

that being said this last piece of work contradicts my last statement... but i only did one of these in the month of March.  

and here is a building piece i did to help improve my perspective skills.  so when i do my digital studies and pieces i need have the same thinking momentum that i have here.

thanks for taking a look.  comments and critiques are always welcome.  
take care



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