Friday, August 31, 2012

Summer studies!

one of the main focuses for the summer was being able to draw the head and the features of a person.  so i did lot of portrait studies in graphite.

here are the warm ups to get into my routine for the summer

and here is a continuous line drawings (need to do more of these)

wanted to do some environment matte painting studies.
so I...
began watching gnomon dvd of matte painting by Christian Lorenz Scheurer.  
these are the exercises he had us do based of stock photos.  would love to practice this more... but i really wanted to focus on the creating a sort of style when drawing the face portrait .  especially since i want to be able to be able to create characters.

just trying out new things.  always gotta broaden up; the more you know the better.  its all just practice.

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