Thursday, October 20, 2011

comp study for about an hour

some more figures construction of the back

an attempt to do a value study comp but i got lost into details and now the viewer travles all over the place bc of my terribad brush marks  (will come back to revisit this and make changes to it)

a glaze over the monochromatic painting that i did a while back.  trying to find the colors and make sense of it.  oil paints

another major update on my cast.  still some errors but this is what i have as of last week...  nearly ready to lay down some tone

and lastly a quick comp study then i decided i would try to detail as much as i could spare...

well here is another update... trying to fit it comp studies and splitting time between figure and other work here at TAD.  the majority of the week was spent  working on the cast.  need to push past the block in stage so i can get ready to lay down some tone.  lessons learned:  dont lose the overall shape and value, pillow shape and box in for the figure so all the shapes of the muscles do not look random, and i dont know anything about color :/... 

so after the shapes are correct when doing the block in.  we then move on to toning down the value that we see. we keep it simple then go crazy.  so for now we will guesstimate 5 values that we see on the cast and lay it down to start breaking it up and showing where the form changes; basically where the light is hitting it and allows us see those changes.  Those shapes we blocked in are basically going to be shaded.  we keep it at 5 values to make it very simple there are obviously more then this but to begin with always keep things simple and then move to more complex things.  

as usual thank you for taking a look.   plz feel free to leave comments and crit.  take care

all comp studies were done in photoshop with intuous 4; the portrait was done with oil paints.  and the cast is being done with the most expensive charcoal evarrr. 

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