Friday, November 4, 2011

Cast Update... Extended Figure Construct Studies and some Comp studies

 FINAL ARICULATION b4 beginnng tone

2nd do over digital value study of cast
began toning the cast to get the values based of study made digitally

cast update for the past 2 weeks.  2 digital value studies of my cast: the first one being too dark compared to what i see and the second one being more correct and keeping it to 6 values.  the second one groups the darks more correctly.

and of course i have beginning toning my cast based on the digital value study i did.  of course the reason i did it twice was my intructor wanted me to understand the reason of grouping the part above the eye with the darks.  bc if u compare the left side of the cheek and the are above the eyes u can see that it is actually pretty close in value.  also i have to put a background in there for nice composition... i have one month to finish this along with the rest of my TAD classes... :/

i revisited another comp study that i had done earlier and tried to fix it up and make it more clean.  i was happy with thi one honestly.  i think i am getting the idea.

some quick figure studies.  my instructor began to notice that i may be making up shapes.  so he literally asked me as to what i see and realized that maybe about 20-25 min is not enough to spend and basically wanted me to spend like a whole day doing one figure.  as u will see in the next figure

spent a good amount of time on this figure trying to really understand see the anatomy.  took lot of breaks inbetween and came back to it.  Ron (my instructor) wanted me to do both a back and front figure construction and take as much time as i could spare to really try and understand it. 

live session 15 min pose just trying to get as much information as i could down for this pose. and i havent done any values in ages this semester for the figure so as  u can see its very spotty and rough.  

this session was on Saturday and it was 3 hour long pose.  so i took the chance to sit there and really study and figure construct the model to the best ov my abilities.  our model was male and was very well built and pretty ripped so that helped in seeing alot of the muscles

5 min pose form live session

another figure construction study on a figure.. 

this the second one that i worked on and spent as much time as i could on the front of the figure.  really trying to get the muscles and see the anantomy and figure construct the figure as best as i can.  

and a painting i attempted to fix up... fixed some drawing issues and try to get the right colors.  this painting was worked on about 2 wks ago and just hadnt had time to upload it.  looks better.  i wanted to put in the eyes but have no time.

2 comp studies that i have been working on.  the bottom one still needs some work.  the top one im very close to finishing.  i have to throw in some quick comp studies and color ones as well... practice practice practice.

alasss been a while but here is a quick update.. this cast is taking up so much of my time!!! 1 month left of school till all the work is due.  its def going to be rough ... gotta lot of work to finish up.  thanks as always for stopping by.  as always leave comments and crits...