Wednesday, March 30, 2011

some more work

5 hour pose; still need to know whats on the inside.  i thought the composition was pretty cool

portrait of my brother.  still need to work on likeness

and more figure with nu pastel.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

more figure! pastel only from this past week

well we actually had spring break last week... these are the figures that i did.  but i did lot of blind contour drawings and went out to test my new camera! and sketched for the fun of it... not tad related!   of course this week is killing me now :/ as im playign catch up and realize im always behind :/.... gogogo grind it out.

thnx for stopping by

Monday, March 14, 2011

another week of figure!

this week were given an "unlmited" amount of time a ref image as they wanted to see how much we can actually see.  of course u have to realise when you are just over rendering and around 30 min i knew i was just over rendering.   lot more work to do but im starting to see light and form very slowly!

overall i felt very happy with my figure this week especially on the 10th during the 3 hour session that we had.  thanks for checking in. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

1st Decent Portrait!

had a portrait assignment that was to be done in charcoal only.  i chose to do a classmate and I feel this is my best one to date.  i have alot of work to do to still get the "likeness".  the eyes are also a lil big.  i need to spend more time constructing the face and really getting a feel for the likeness of the person i am drawing.  thanks.  

here some figures i did last week

here are some figures i did last week.  charcoal and nupastels.  nu pastels are done from reference where the charcoal is done from a live model.   thnx.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

a little late but here are some cool drawings i did last week.

the picture above was about 3 hour "Frazetta" pose with male and female model.  i chose to do one.  and really wanted to nail the countor lines down.  i kind of did so here but my value in the shading needs a lot of work.  as does my portrait as seen below.

Overall not a bad week.  i feel as if im getting better with my figure drawings, and my portraits need a ton of work.. hopefully we will do ton more portraits from live models bc they are definitely helping me out a lot.